Saturday, 24 August 2013

Whitespace Is A Neat Note-Taking iPhone App With A Powerful Text Editor

Last month we covered an app named Grid that offered users a nice way of maintaining a scrapbook as well as a to-do list in one place. It is always nice to see such multipurpose apps, especially if they come with a clean UI and are easy to use. Whitespace is not quite similar to Grid, but you can place it in the same genre. The app is basically a text editor, but has the distinction of striking the perfect balance between being a simple note-taking app and having the features of a proper word processor. Whitespace lets you quickly jot down notes, but also has the option of attaching media files to each entry. This means that the app can also be used for purposes such as creating galleries out of the photos you already have on your iPhone. To make the app really great, there is a comprehensive tagging system that can be used to easily search through notes and arrange them into neat folders.

Whitespace iOS Home Whitespace iOS Settings
The folders that store your notes in Whitespace are named ‘Spaces’, and you can get started with the app by creating one. Just hit the ‘+’ icon in the bottom half of the main screen. The app automatically color-codes all the spaces you create for your convenience. If you are having trouble getting a grip on the app’s working, head to the settings section and read the content filed under ‘App Concept’. There are a couple of other useful options in the same menu as well, like specifying if you want to save the attached photos to the camera roll, or enabling the syntax highlighting mode.
Whitespace iOS Text Whitespace iOS Photo
To create a new note, simply enter a space you have created. An alternative way of going about this is to use the quick access bar at the top of the screen, where there are shortcuts for adding both text and photos. In the Whitespace editing screen, the keyboard comes with some really good text options. You can choose heading styles, add different variations to the text (like italicizing it, or enclosing it in quotes), or use the quick selection shortcut for easy editing.
In order to attach a photo to any of your notes, hit the clip icon above the keyboard. Photos and videos can be loaded from the camera roll or snapped right from within the app. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be attached with a note, so feel free to create entire galleries within each entry in Whitespace. The notes, complete with the attached files, can be shared via email or by exporting them to other apps.
Whitespace is a free app, but if you want to remove the ads that come with it, an in-app purchase of $1.99 has to be made. You can get the app for your iPhone or iPod touch by heading to the following link.
Install Whitespace from App Store

Timely Is The Most Beautiful Android Alarm Clock App We’ve Seen So Far

Generally, nobody likes to be shocked out of their sleep by that violent morning alarm sound. Though for many of us, alarms have become the sole solution to help us get out of bed. Nowadays, almost all mobile devices come with a built-in alarm clock that works just just fine. However, for those who are looking a little more in their alarm app, Timely for Android is a gorgeous alternative worth giving a shot. Besides waking you up, the app is all about its crisp design and functionality, and a fantastic interface that also boasts beautiful clock widgets, stopwatch and timer. It carries a ton of themes with vibrant colors and designs that look simply gorgeous, and can make your device really stand out.

The most notable thing about Timely is how stunning it looks on your screen. The neat and elegant design has been crafted with perfection in mind. The handful of beautifully animated background themes are sure to appeal to everyone with an aesthetic sense. Developer Bitspin has optimized it fairly well for both phones and tablets. The main interface is divided into three sections: Alarm, Clock and Stopwatch / Timer, each of which can be navigated to via horizontal swipes.
Timely Clock1_
The alarm clock is the obvious mainstay of this app. You can set your alarm time by dragging your finger up and down the display to the appropriate time slot. When setting an alarm, you can also tap the time and edit it manually for more precision. Almost every alarm app lets you set multiple alarms, and Timely is no exception. On the basic side of things, you’re given control over various aspects of the alarm including setting up alarms for multiple days in a week, selecting snooze times, fade-in length, alarm volume and alarm tone from a bunch of amazing options that the app comes with out of the box. There’s also an option for gradually waking you up using a melody that fades in,. When the alarm is triggered, you’re presented with a giant Snooze orb. Moving the device while the alarm is ringing slows down the sound volume, and swipe the orb all the way up sets it off.
Timely also lets you create an account in order to sync your alarms across all your devices. The Stopwatch and Timer are also a nice addition and can be switched between on the fly by taping the button on the bottom-left, or by swiping upward.
Stopwatch Alarm Timer
Another interesting bit about Timely is its deep customization options. It offers a bunch of themes and sounds, some of which are available for free while others can be unlocked with in-app purchases. The default ones are labeled as starter pack, and even premium ones can be used for free for up to three days before you’ll need to shell out money for them. You can specify individual background styles for all three sections of the app. There are also two additional clock widgets that are part of premium content.
Clock Themes Themes Settings
All in all, Timely is undoubtedly one of the best looking Android apps out there. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.
Install Timely from Play Store

Turn Any Image Into An Interactive, Wobbling Live Wallpaper On Android Using AndWobble

Getting bored of how your original photos look? How about adding some fun factor to them? AndWobble is a free and highly entertaining Android app that you can use to play around with photographs on your mobile device by adding interactive wobbling effects. On the basic level, wobbling lets you select any area of an image and then set it to move in a certain direction by tapping over it, which causes the selected portion to bounce randomly. You can play with effects by tapping, dragging or pinching over the wobble area, or by simply shaking the device. AndWobble even allows you to set these wobbling image as a live wallpaper. Not only can you pick your own images and add wobbling effects, but also choose from a number of user-generated content available in AndWobble’s online library.

The app sports a really simple design. The main screen is an amalgam of interactive tiles that gives you access to different sections of the app such as images, settings, downloads, tutorials etc. You can also take picture and add wobbles instantly without having to leave the interface via tapping Camera. When you open an image, you’re provided with an editing workspace where you can work with your wobbles in layers. Wobbles can be added or removed on the fly, and you can control them in a number of ways, such as rescaling their size, and tweaking the direction they should move in when tapped. The canvas carrying the current image can also be resized via pinch gestures. And you can always revert your last change by using Undo button at the top.
AndWobble Editing
The current image can also be cropped and rotated according to your preferences. When ready, simply tap the play button to see how the final outcome looks.
Editing 2 Editing 3
As mentioned above, AndWobble not only lets you save the images in order to play with them later, but also set them as Live wallpapers on your home screen. This in turn creates really nice bouncing and shaking effects through the phone’s sensors when you move it around.
The last and definitely not the least interesting bit about this app is the user-generated content. That’s right, you can easily upload your Wobbles online and share them with other AndWobble users. The library comprises of hundreds, if not thousands, of wobbles categorized under different channels including popular, just in, recently popular and top rated. You can also add your own custom channels should you want. Downloading and using the wobbles is also a straightforward process.
Sidebar AndWobble_Top Rated
AndWobble is available for free at Google Play and requires Android 2.3 and up. You can download the app via the link provided below.
Install AndWobble from Play Store

Instantly Hide Windows Using Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts With HiddeX

Many of us work with information on our computers that we don’t want anyone else to see, be it confidential financial data, some personal communication, or a website that would freak other people out. There can be hundreds of such scenarios where you don’t want anyone to peek at what you’re doing on our computer and in such situations, it can prove useful if you’re able to quickly hide the active window, making it vanish from the taskbar as well. HiddeX is a tiny (about 270KB in size), portable freeware app for Windows that can easily hide any running program or window such as a web browser, game, document, video player etc. using mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

The application does a great job of hiding the specified window from the desktop without closing it, and also makes it disappear from the taskbar. With one single mouse click (or keyboard hotkey, should you choose to specify one), it can hide and restore a window. It comprises of a simple, barebones UI and runs straight from its portable EXE file.
Getting started with HiddeX is easy as pie. Launch the program and you will see a list of applications that are currently running on your computer in then upper pane. Below that is another pane for the windows that you want to hide. All you need to do is double click your desired item from the upper pane to add it to the Hide pane.
HiddeX also lets you specify the type of programs or services you want to hide. The Type section highlighted in the screenshot below basically allows you to switch among Windows Text, Windows Classes and Process via clicking the pertaining radio button. This is a solid feature that makes the program hide background process as well.
The second interesting aspect of the tool is that you can hide windows swiftly via keyboard shortcuts as well as the mouse. All you have to do is press the hotkey combination after clicking the H/S field, and hit apply. When it comes to the mouse, you can pick middle mouse key, scroll wheel, or the gesture of taking the mouse curser to the corner for the purpose.
HiddeX 2.3
You can also specify HiddeX’s behavior for when it launches i.e. hide window, and activate hotkeys for mouse and keyboard. In addition, there are a few advanced parameters such as autorun, mute, quickly hide, hide tray icon and get focus that you can use to set everything the way you want.
HiddeX is available for free and can be grabbed from the developer’s website. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8.
Download HiddeX for Windows

Sunday, 22 July 2012

WebSnap: Capture Selective Or Full Websites & View Them In A Live Widget [Android]

With the previously reviewed SnowDeer Web Scrapper, we have already seen how to effectively capture snapshots of an entire webpage on Android. Though quite helpful in its own respect, said tool was effective only in situations that demanded grabbing snapshots of the complete page. What if you were to capture a specific area or elements of the required website? New to the Play Store, WebSnap is a promising Android app that makes capturing select parts of any webpage as easy as one-two-three. Just like SnowDeer, WebSnap comes with a built-in browser that you can use to explore and capture virtually any part of the required website. It also supports UA String selection to help you quickly switch between mobile and desktop layout of the current website. In addition, it provides easy-to-use navigation controls, supports pinch-to-zoom gestures, and lets you natively manage, preview and share your snapshots. All aforementioned features aside, the mainstay of WebSnap remains its nifty little dynamic homescreen widget that not only sports the captured view of your preferred website, but can also be set to automatically update as per user-defined intervals.
The app’s homescreen is designed in a way to list your captured items. Tapping an image thumbnail lets you preview and share it, whereas long-pressing it triggers batch select mode so that you may remove unwanted items from the list.
To capture a new snapshot, hit the camera icon in the top-right corner. Next, feed in the required URL in the address bar at the top, navigate to the required webpage, and once the page loads completely, hit the camera icon at the bottom. To capture a specific part of the page, hit the Inc. Zoom button, zoom in to the required portion, and press the camera button. On the other hand, tapping the Select button triggers the auto-select mode. Once said mode is activated, all you need to do is tap the required segment of the website and capture it using the same technique as mentioned above. To include other elements of the page within the capture area, keep tapping the button in the top-right until the required area is selected. Preview of each captured image is automatically launched. To toggle the PC Mode (launches desktop variant of the website) or head over to the next opened webpage, hit the Menu button.
The live widget feature of WebSnap is surely going to please sports fans, businesspersons or any such users who want to keep an eye on the latest updates on their favorite websites right on their Android’s homescreen, without having to stick to the browser itself, and manually keep pressing the refresh button. Said feature works as follows:
  • Install the WebSnap Widget on your homescreen in the preferred size (4×2, 4×3, 4×4)
  • Provide the URL of the website that you wish to capture
  • Once the page loads, hit the Select button to pick the required web region
  • To expand the selected region, in order to include other necessary elements, hit the button in the top-right (optional)
  • Once you’re certain of having selected all the required elements, tap the checkbox button to capture the webpage
The selected web clip should now be showing on your homescreen in the form of a widget. Next comes the configuration of the widget. Tapping the widget reveals a context menu that comprises several options. These include manually refreshing the widget content, loading the embedded URL via the app itself or though another browser of choice, sharing it via a compatible app, and view the time of creation of the widget.
In terms of customization, you have the option to toggle JavaScript loading, auto-update and update over Wi-Fi only. In addition, you can specify the wait time before loading the webpage, auto-update interval, preferred screen alignment (top, center, bottom) and scale type (fit width, fit height, center inside) for the snapshot.
WebSnap is available in the Google Play Store for free, and requires Android v2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run.